Energy Forum – Sustainable Opportunities in Romania for Norway/Iceland

Welcome to the Norwegian/Icelandic/Romanian Energy Forum!

Participation is open to companies/institutions from Norway, Iceland or Romania that are interested in cooperation within sustainable energy and the four focus areas of the event.

The energy sector is the biggest source of CO2 emissions in Romania and in the EU. Energy is central to Romania’s transition towards climate neutrality by 2050 in line with the European Green Deal. The huge commitments of the green energy transition will require unprecedented efforts, speed and scale.

Romania’s energy and climate goals are ambitious, aiming to decarbonise the fossil fuels-based electricity generation by ultimately replacing coal and gas with green energy solutions, driven by strong support for new technologies, business development, research and purposeful cooperation. The country’s strategies and plans highlight the potential for green hydrogen, offshore wind, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and geothermal energy.

Norway and Iceland are uniquely positioned to contribute with experience and expertise in these energy sectors. With extensive experience in hydropower generation, offshore energy production and maritime operations, Norway is leveraging its expertise to create new industries replacing oil and gas with renewable energy. Iceland is in a unique position to provide expertise on geothermal energy.

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April 25, 2024 9:30 AM
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