Innovating downhole laser technology for efficient operational challenges, reducing CO2

Zerlux is a joint downhole laser technology project between Zerlux Hungary KFT and Subsurface AS. The two companies have established a new company called Zerlux AS to execute all R&D projects out of Norway. The project's primary aim is to leverage downhole laser technology to address a variety of operational challenges, ranging from pipe cutting to re-completion and laser perforation. The downhole laser technology project has the potential to revolutionize oil and gas operations, enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute significantly to environmental sustainability through innovative laser applications.

Savings in CO2 emissions are envisioned in two different P&A scenarios: Option with Rig: 6 days less operation time which equals 7 years in total and a reduction of CO2 emissions of 18%. Rigless option: 15 days less operation time which equals to 17 years in total or a 43% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Key application areas:

Laser pipe cutting at depths exceeding 1500 meters TVD.
Precision control line cutting
Rigless re-completion without extensive clean-up
Laser perforation for well interventions
Casing cutting and window creation.

Zerlux AS

Zerlux AS Financing, Public Financing, TK Project Funding

Zerlux AS actively seeks collaborative partnerships with oil and gas operators, shipping companies, suppliers or others who operate within the industry as relevant end users. who share a commitment to advancing the industry through innovative laser solutions.

Project Timeline:
Phase 1 (19-22 months):

This initial phase focuses on developing a Laser pipe cutter solution on wireline, designed to support rigless well operations. Key objectives include: Enabling Plug and Abandonment (P&A) operations. Cutting tubing, casing, and control lines at 1500m TVD. Propelling lasers through a 5,000m fiber optic cable. Implementing re-completion operations. Creating windows in tubing through milling techniques.

Phase 2 (12-14 months):

Phase 2 is dedicated to further advancement of laser technology. Specific goals include: Cutting tubing, casing, and control lines at 4,000m TVD. Shooting lasers through a 10,000m fibreoptic cable. Introducing Laser Perforation for well interventions.

Contact: Eddie Karlsen