SEID ColdSpark

Producing hydrogen from natural gas with zero CO2 emissions


ColdSpark represents a revolutionary alternative for the production of hydrogen from natural gas or biogas where the main component is CH4 (Methane). Unlike conventional methods, ColdSpark employs an innovative process that splits CH4 into hydrogen and solid carbon – a by-product with a wide range of industrial applications - through a process called cold methane pyrolysis. This groundbreaking approach utilizes a pulsating electric power field to disintegrate these molecules, offering an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solution.

The traditional method of hydrogen production from natural gas involves burning it, a process that releases a substantial amount of CO2 - conventional SMR processes emit nearly 9 kg of CO2 for every kg of hydrogen produced. In contrast, producing hydrogen from methane through methane pyrolysis is done in the absence of oxygen, resulting in zero CO2 emissions. Additionally, producing hydrogen through the cold methane pyrolysis process consumes only 1/7 of the energy required for hydrogen production through water electrolysis.


16 million research project in 2017-2020

Horizon Europe NOK 30 million in 2022.

Phase 1: Testing and Verification: Core principles of ColdSpark tested and verified

Phase 2a: Scaled Pilot System (by end-2023). Production: ~50-100 kg hydrogen per day. Production: ~150-300 kg carbon

Phase 2b: Modular and Containerized System (by mid-2024). Production: ~500 kg hydrogen per day. Production: ~1500 kg carbon

Phase 4: First Pilot System Installation (by end-2024). Production: About 1000-1500 kg hydrogen per day (plus 3x the amount of solid carbon)

Phase 5: Full Commercialization and Scaling (by end-2025)

Contact: Terje Hauan