Swedish offshore wind delegation visits Energy Transition Norway

Explores offshore wind-related projects and collaborations in Stavanger

Karianne Skjæveland
Communication Manager
May 28, 2024
Offshore wind

In conjunction with the Floating Wind Days event in Haugesund, a Swedish offshore wind delegation visited Energy Transition Norway in Stavanger on may 27th. Organized by Business Sweden, this visit was seen as a valuable opportunity for Swedish delegates to explore offshore wind-related projects and collaborations in Norway.

The delegation included representatives from prominent Swedish offshore wind companies such as Grimsrud Entreprenad AB, Blue Future Norra AB, and Hexicon AB, along with officials from the Swedish Embassy in Oslo. They were joined by their Norwegian counterparts from Flex2future AS, the University of Stavanger, IKM Ocean Design AS, and NORCE.

The event set the tone for a series of detailed sessions aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation and exploring innovative offshore wind solutions:

Energy Transition Norway projects and partners

Kristoffer Moldekleiv, EU advisor at Energy Transition Norway kicked off the session with an overview of the clusters activities and initiatives, emphasizing the significance of international collaboration in achieving sustainable energy targets.

Knut Høiland, Chairman of the Board at Flex2future AS, presented the latest developments in the Flex2power project. Per Nystrøm, Technical Director at IKM Ocean Design AS, highlighted the ongoing offshore wind activities within the IKM Group, while

Muk Chen Ong, professor and leader of the Ocean Technology Innovation Cluster Stavanger (OTICS) at the University of Stavanger, discussed the engineering challenges and software development essential for advancing offshore wind concepts.

Atle Blomgren, Senior Research Scientist at NORCE, introduced the ImpactWind project. This research focuses on enhancing the permitting processes on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, aiming to streamline regulatory frameworks and expedite offshore wind project implementations.

Swedish offshore wind innovations

Ida Knutsen from Business Sweden, along with Swedish delegates, presented the capabilities and projects of Swedish companies in the offshore wind sector. This session provided Norwegian participants with insights into Swedish innovations and opportunities for future partnerships.

The visit concluded with a coffee break and mingling session, allowing delegates from both nations to discuss potential collaborations and share experiences informally. In his closing remarks, Kristoffer Moldekleiv emphasized the importance of such bilateral visits in driving the energy transition forward.

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