Risavika Hydrogen Hub project partners go public with plans to revitalize old gas center

Available infrastructure is unmatched in Norway, positioning hub to become world-leading green energy provider

Karianne Skjæveland
Communication Manager
May 2, 2023

"New optimism is now taking hold of the old premises of Risavika gas centertavanger Aftenblad writes today. The project partners in what will become Risavika Hydrogen Hub goes public with plans for a new test hub for new value chains for hydrogen and CO2.

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The Risavika Hydrogen Hub is a partnership between NORCE, Lyse, Seid, and Energy Transition Norway as project partner. It is utilizing the expensive infrastructure for research and testing that was already in place at the old Risavika gas center, which has recently been aquired by NORCE.

The infrastructure includes access to natural gas from Kårstø with a capacity of almost 10,000 cubic meters per hour, district heating, a stable electricity supply, and CO2.

Hydrogen can be produced at the test center by applying electricity to natural gas.

– We have infrastructure here that cannot be matched anywhere else in the country. Everything is in place for Risavika to become a world leader in delivering solutions to green, sustainable industry, says Terje Hauan, Chief Technology Officer in Seid who is both project partner and future user of the future test center.

CEO in Energy Transition Norway, Egil Aanestad invites companies that are interested in testing their technology at the hub to attend two workshops, which exact dates will be published on our website shortly.

The gas plant has a lot of space, and with existing infrastructure in place for hundreds of millions of dollars, Risavika Hydrogen Hub has an ideal location for the testing, development, and production of hydrogen. There is also a strong industrial cluster, including the University of Stavanger (UiS), with its expertise in the field, nearby.

In addition, Risavika is also an important location for offshore fleets and ferries, which could greatly benefit from switching to hydrogen fuel.

Finally, the H2 Conference Norway is set to take place on September 7, 2023, in collaboration with the ONS Foundation, the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Stavanger municipality.

The conference will be an opportunity for experts and stakeholders to come together and explore the latest developments in hydrogen technology and its potential to drive the transition towards a more sustainable future.

Get your ticket for H2 Conference Norway here.

Egil Vigdel, CEO in Agri-e who is already piloting in Risavika, during the interview with Stavanger Aftenblad. (Foto: Karianne Skjæveland)

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