Exploring cross-border collaborations with Polish clusters

Energy Transition Norway met with 25 visitors from several Polish clusters last week

Karianne Skjæveland
Communication Manager
May 26, 2023

Today Energy Transition Norway, Nordic Edge, and Innovation Norway welcomed approximately 25 visitors from diverse Polish clusters to Nordic Edges' facilities in Innoasis. The gathering brought together representatives from both the blue and green sectors, setting the stage for potential cross-border collaborations that could unlock new opportunities for Norwegian companies.

The visit provided a great platform for knowledge exchange and networking, facilitating discussions on innovative solutions and market expansion. CEO of Energy Transition Norway, Egil Aanestad, presented an overview of Norwegian renewable energy technologies.

Polen has an urgent need to replace their dependency on coal as an energy source, and the Polish representatives expressed a keen interest in collaborating with Norwegian companies in their own energy transition, especially regarding offshore wind, hydrogen, and geothermal energy, of which there is an especially large potential.

- The Polish visitors were very eager to explore potential partnerships and learn from Norway's expertise, said Egil Aanestad who is optimistic about the potential outcomes of this partnership.

The collaboration between the Polish clusters and Energy Transition Norway not only presents a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing but also holds immense potential for creating sustainable solutions. By joining forces and leveraging each other's strengths, these cross-border collaborations can accelerate the transition towards cleaner energy systems.

Photo: Nordic Edge

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