ETN / GRaPA meet with key representatives from the Australian Diplomatic, business and Decommissioning organisations

GRaPA and CODA continue to collaborate to reduce costs and environmental impact related to P&A

Karianne Skjæveland
Communication Manager
March 11, 2024

Energy Transition Norway management and the GRaPA project team recently met with key representatives from Australian diplomatic, business and decommissioning organisations to discuss the strategy and activities driving both the ETN organization and the GRaPA project.

Kerin Ayyalaraju, Australia’s Ambassador to Norway, Denmark and Iceland, Simon Gunn from AusTrade’s office in Sweden, John Langoulant, Western Australia’s agent general to Europe and Francis Norman, CEO of the Centre for Decommissioning Australia (CODA), joined Egil Aanestad, Tim Croucher and Kjell Erik Drevdal to discuss energy transition opportunities including the GRaPA P&A radical solution development project.

GRaPA and CODA have agreed to continue to engage with the goal of identifying mutual opportunities to drive down the cost and environmental footprint of well abandonment operations.

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