Colombian ambassador to Norway visits Energy Transition Norway

The aim was to explore opportunities for collaboration between Colombian and Norwegian companies

Karianne Skjæveland
Communication Manager
May 31, 2023

Colombia's ambassador to Norway, H.E. Paola Bernal Rodríguez, recently visited Energy Transition Norway as part of her official duties. Ambassador Rodríguez, an accomplished lawyer with a master's degree in law specializing in international criminal law and victims' rights, also brings over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience in Colombia's construction and infrastructure sector.

Assuming her role in Norway in November 2022, Ambassador Rodríguez has been actively engaging with various stakeholders to explore opportunities for collaboration between Colombia and Norway. During her visit to Stavanger, she met with the Mayor of Stavanger and received a presentation on the region's energy and aquaculture projects.

Energy Transition Norway provided the ambassador with an overview of the cluster's activities and its member organizations, presenting several topics of interest. The discussions revolved around Colombian technologies and the potential for synergies through a Norwegian-Colombian partnership.

Colombia has a growing interest in energy transition initiatives. During the visit, the ambassador expressed Colombia's intention to establish a solar power plant on the Atlantic coast, showcasing their commitment to renewable energy. Additionally, the delegation showed significant interest in offshore wind energy.

In relation to her visit to Energy Transition Norway, the ambassador got a tour of the old gas center in Risavika which will turn into a test center for hydrogen and CO2 value chains in the planned Risavika Hydrogen Hub.  

The ambassador's visit to Energy Transition Norway served as a precursor to the upcoming visit by the President of Colombia to Norway in mid-June. The discussions and insights gained during this visit will likely contribute to the agenda and potential collaborations between the two nations.

As Colombia continues to explore energy transition opportunities and diversify its energy sources, the visit to Energy Transition Norway marks an important step towards fostering cooperation and knowledge exchange between Colombia and Norway in the field of renewable energy and sustainability.

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