WindSpider has developed a unique crane solution for the installation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines

Technology concept/solution: The WindSpider crane concept is addressing some of the largest challenges in offshore wind – how to reduce cost and lower the environmental impact. Wind Spider has developed a unique crane solution for offshore wind turbines, fixed and floating. It is fit for performing the installation of the wind turbine in-shore or at site, as well as being used for all kinds of maintenance work.

The WindSpider crane uses the tower of the wind turbine as the basis for the crane. The patent pending WindSpider attaches to the tower and moves up and down independently. At each step upwards, the WindSpider lifts the next or wanted section of the tower column or turbine in place, including the nacelle and the rotor blades. When it is all done, it crawls back to the starting point at the base and is lifted off.

The environmental benefits are huge, in terms of reduced down-time of the wind turbines and very low CO2 emissions during lifting operations, as no large crane vessels are needed.

Owner: Wind Spider AS

Partners: IKM, IK Group, Advanced Control and DNV.  Search for operational partners is ongoing.

Funding: Equity from founders and support from Innovasjon Norge in first phase. Discussions with industrial investors ongoing.

Start – end: August 2021 – December 2022

Phase: Conceptualisation - development and testing - demonstration and validation - commercialisation

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