WindSpider has developed a unique crane solution for the installation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines

Technology concept/solution:
The WindSpider crane concept is addressing some of the largest challenges in the wind market, namely, how to reduce cost and lower the environmental impact.

WindSpider is an innovative and cost-efficient lifting solution for installation and major component replacement of onshore and offshore wind turbines. Their self-erecting lifting technology is unique in the way it utilizes the windturbine tower as support for the crane structure, eliminating issues of relative motion between the wind turbine and crane, allowing for controlled lifts even in very windy conditions. It is fit for performing the installation and maintenance work onshore, in-shore or offshore – eliminating the costly and time-consuming need for tow-to-port for performing major component replacement on floating offshore wind turbines.

WindSpider is a scalable and modular solution capable of performing lifts of over 1500 tonnes, with no height restrictions, which makes it suitable for the next generations of windturbines.

The environmental benefits are substantial, in terms of reduced down-time of the wind turbines and low CO2 emissions during lifting operations, as no purpose build large crane vessels are needed.

The project was successfully finalized in December 2022, and was followed by the technology qualification and development phase, also supported by Innovation Norway.

In March 2024, WindSpider annouced that the company is entering into the first building phase of the crane, which will be in aluminium.


Wind Spider AS

IKM, IK Group, Advanced Control, Breivik Group AS and DNV.

Equity from founders and support from Innovasjon Norge in first phase.

August 2021 – December 2022

Conceptualisation - development and testing - demonstration and validation - commercialisation

Marta Szlendak
Kent Lynggaard Vinkel

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