Thermocool CO2

The world's first full-scale modular CO2 demonstration flow loop, replicating real injection conditions


Thermocool will serve as the world's first full-scale modular CO2 demonstration flow loop, and aims to establish an industry reference for CO2 injection and serve as an R&D infrastructure to optimize and de-risk large-scale CCS injection projects at the Ullrigg Test Centre in Stavanger.

It will replicate real injection conditions for the purpose of understanding and controlling the thermodynamic behaviour of CO2 during the various phases during injection of Co2 to the reservoir. The facility will further serve as a platform for experimentation.

Thermocool is a research infrastructure (IDR) that provides a controlled environment for a wide range of experiments and data acquisition related to CO2 injection and storage. The project addresses various aspects of CO2 injection for storage, including the thermodynamic behaviour of CO2, steady and transient operational conditions, well design and equipment optimization, CO2 hydrate formation, operating and safety procedures, well integrity, and monitoring tools.

The project's uniqueness lies in its approach to validate numerical and theoretical models for planned mega-tonne CO2 injection projects. CCUS R&D programs seeks to de-risk and demonstrate main issues when injecting and storing CO2 in depleted reservoirs and deep saline layers. Demonstration and verifications at large scale has not been done previously. CO2 is considered a "super coolant" for the reservoirs.

The project aims to support committed injection rates and volumes, validate numerical models, recommend testing and operating guidelines, test well design and equipment, verify prevention/mitigation solutions against CO2 hydrate formations, and offer full-scale demonstrations for the CCUS community, authorities, third parties, and the public.

The project is planned to be on-site for 10+ years.

Energy Transition Norway is a partner in the project, and a concept study is being conducted. The plan is for Thermocool to be established as a JIP (Joint Industry Project) where multiple operator companies are invited to participate.

ContactOddvar Skjæveland, NORCE