RA Wind

Developing the world's largest offshore wind turbine

RA Wind is a Norwegian turbine (WTG) company dedicated to revolutionizing the wind energy industry by developing the world's largest offshore wind turbine. As a Norwegian producer of offshore wind turbines, RA Wind is determined to lead the way by reducing the unit costs of turbines and reducing the cost per produced kWh (LCOE) by 50%. RA Wind will deliver modular 20+ MW wind turbines, enabling the scalability of both fixed and floating offshore wind turbines.

The solution is space-efficient, standardized, and highly automated, with innovative main components and electrical system. RA Wind’s mission is to pioneer, qualify, and bring to market an innovative large offshore wind turbine that makes offshore wind power production in Norway and beyond economically viable without the need for subsidies, calling for the integration of large floating structures, large turbines, ground-breaking installation and maintenance concepts, and a fresh life cycle approach to design and reliability.

RA Wind offers wind farm developers and owners a compelling value proposition with 1) Streamlined maintenance processes for significant savings; 2) Larger turbines and efficient floating installations for cost-efficiency; 3) High reliability and extended component lifespan minimize downtime; 4) Introduction of a new market player to strengthen competition; and 5) Environmentally conscious practices, cutting emissions and materials use leading to a reduction of CO2 emissions.

RA Wind AS

The current project phase is anticipated to have a budget of 25 million NOK, with a duration spanning 18 months. RA Wind obtained funding from Innovation Norway and Regionale Forskningsfond during the first phase and is in the process of seeking funds from Enova, Skattefunn and JIP partners.

Project Phases and Timeline:
Concept Development Phase (Ongoing): The project's initial stage, focusing on concept development and analysis, is set to continue until the end of 2024.

Engineering Phase (2025)

Prototype Manufacture and Testing (2026-2027)

Full-Scale Offshore Demonstration (2028-2030)

Energy Transition Norway serves as the platform and coordinator for this project.

Contact: Lars Raunholt, Canrig Robotics

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