MTR tool – Micro Tube Remover

Remove the need for a rig by removing the need to pull production tubing

Technology concept/solution:
Aarbakke Innovation aims at reducing the cost of P&A of wells significantly. The greatest cost related to this is the use of a rig to pull tons of production tubing out of the well. By developing a thru tubing (rig less) wireline tool (MTR) that will enable the production tubing to be cemented and left in hole eliminates the need of a costly rig. The project focuses on a tool that shall remove the “control lines” (for gauges/chemical injection) prior to cementing. Removing these lines is crucial in order to establish a tight cement plug. If not removed, the lines will act as leak path.

The MTR-tool is composed of a few vital modules. The ultrasonic detector scans and locates the circumferential position of the lines, the mill module enables annular access, the cutter module severs the lines, and the gripper unit module retrieves and pulls them into tubing. All in one run. When removed, thru tubing cementing can be performed.

Furthermore, the MTR will also be capable of performing “downhole machining” for other and additional scopes/applications than P&A. The modules of the tool can be stacked to enable a variety of smart intervention issues related to i.e. Slot Recovery. All with the aim of reducing cost and environmental pollution. Think of the tool as a “green swiss army knife”.

By utilizing new technologies to eliminate rig and shipment of production tubing to shore, there is a potential of reducing climate emissions of CO2 = 6:1, NOx = 5:1 and SO2 = 4:1.

With regards to HSEQ, the technology/tool will also reduce/eliminate the risk of hazardous operations (lifting operations) that normally occurs when handling heavy tubulars from rig to vessel, from vessel to shore, from shore to storage/disposal in designated areas.

Aarbakke Innovation A

Aarbakke Innovation has performed most of the R&D and design on its own. A few partners on component supplies and data validation have however been engaged during the project. Operators like Aker BP, Neptune Energy and TotalEnergies have contributed with useful inputs (design criteria, well data/information), as well as support for testing (at The Ullrigg Test Centre).    

Aker BP, Neptune Energy, TotalEnergies, Norwegian Research Council, Innovation Norway and owners of Aarbakke Innovation.

2014 – 2021

Conceptualisation - development and testing - demonstration and validation - commercialization

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