A complete solution for receiving, converting, and transmitting the full energy potential from offshore wind farms, with reduced dependence on the onshore power grid.

Offshore wind

Technologyconcept/solution: HydePoint is providing a solution to optimizethe value of offshore wind farms by allowing for large scale offshore hydrogenproduction contributing significantly to reduced green-house gas (GHG)emissions in the future energy mix.

A HydePoint is an offshore hydrogen producing substation which canutilize wind resources efficiently and allow new wind farms to be located wherethe wind resources are strongest, even though the grid infrastructure is pooror missing. It is an unmanned, modularized, and industrialized platform whichcan be delivered both to floating or bottom fixed wind farms, and it canconvert wind power fully or partly to hydrogen. If a HydePoint is connected toan onshore grid, it can also help balancing the overall power systems, andimprove the total energy system utilization.

Owners: Moreld Apply, KONGSBERG, Arendals Fossekompani, Cifo Management

Contact: Elin Steinsland, Head of Product and Technology at HydePoint