Unique foundation and installation solutions for offshore wind

Technology concept/solution:
Amon's vision is to establish the most cost-effective foundation and installation factory for offshore wind. Turbine foundations come in two main categories; Gravety-based foundations that are float-out-and-zinc used in water depths from 35 to 80 meters, and floating foundations in several different designs for use in deep water. The solution entails a 30 % cost reduction by reducing work offshore by ensuring that all assembly and testing takes place onshore. Finished structures are towed to the location, lowered, and plugged into the socket, and the solution can provide a reduction in installation time offshore up to 300 days. The climate impacts of Amon's foundation solution are significant; when using concrete foundations, the lifespan is more than 70 years and the foundation produces 4 times less CO2 emissions for the same period of use than similar steel foundations.

Valinor AS, Bache AS, Lundevågen Holding AS, FFS Marine AS, KRN Coaching, Krosai AS, Anker Invest AS, Hans Ragnar Uthus.

Enova, Innovation Norway, Sørlandets Kompetansefond, Eksfin, Giek

2021 - 2028

Conceptualisation - development and testing - demonstration and validation - commercialisation

Contact: Kjell Rune Nakkestad

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